More Non-HR Randomness


Jason Seiden tagged me — as did several others — for the seven-random-things meme that’s floating around the interwebs.

I am ending this now. Here are a few more random anecdotes about Laurie that no one really cares to know, but I’m not tagging anyone.

  1. I once used tweezers to remove a tapeworm from a cat’s butt (at an animal rescue).
  2. I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in 2003 but it’s not a big deal and I manage through it just fine.
  3. I volunteered at the Chicago MCA with my best friend, A.Lo, and we walked out after someone’s bag was stolen from the coat check and the art museum took no responsibility for the theft.
  4. I am always in the market for really great furniture.
  5. I don’t burn candles because I’m afraid that my cats will knock them over and light my house on fire.
  6. I am an avid supporter of The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.
  7. I believe in conspiracies more than science & facts. Conspiracies are more interesting to me.

There you go, mofoz.

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