Movember 2013 #HRMoBros


Not that it matters, but I have been coming to you and and asking for Movember donations since 2010.

It’s now 2013. Movember is upon us. Male cancer still sucks. And people need your help.

But I really want to tell you about my friends who are raising money on behalf of Movember. This amazing group of men are part of my human resources network. They are generous and kind. If you asked them to grow a mustache to support kittens, they would do it.

Movember is a no-brainer for them.

  • My dear friend, Charlie Judy, started a Movember team. Charlie is a natural leader and someone who reminds me to slow down and see the bigger picture in life. He hates cancer, duh, and you can learn more about his team here:
  • My friends Matt Jones and John Hudson are part of a squad in Chicago. They are great men who have offered me thoughtful advice about running. Sweet fellas. Check them out. Their team page is here:
  • Josh Schwede of HireVue is probably the single nicest guy in my industry. Everybody loves Josh. When he’s around, life is more fun.
  • Dustin Cann is a wicked, witty guy and part of the CSOD Mobro team. Dustin and I are fracquaintances. We have followed one another for years. We spend a few minutes together at conferences. We don’t do holiday cards. I adore him.
  • Lars Schmidt is the grand poobah of Movember and has organized a huge team of human resources professionals — men and women — who hate cancer. His team includes people like William Tincup, Dwane Lay, Will Staney, Bryan Chaney, House of Brew and a woman by the name of Crystal Miller. (Yes, I have a friend who’s name is House of Brew.) You can find the team page here:

Lars has even gone so far to create a YouTube channel with PSAs on how to get through the month with your weird mustache.

(Sorry if I missed your team.)

Now listen, I don’t care if you donate to Movember, but I want you to appreciate how a group of people from across America are coming together to do something good for the world.

Whenever you want to disable Foursquare or disconnect from your smart phone, remember that the world fights cancer and unites in extraordinary ways through the power of a 4″ screen.

That’s pretty cool.

Love you guys. Have a good Movember!

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