MSNBC's "Pimped Out" Reporter


Many of you are well aware of my love for David Shuster. I love him so much that I’ve actually sent him crazy, borderline-stalker email messages about his hair.

[“Muss it up a little and look sexy, will ya?”]

I can’t explain David Shuster’s comments about Chelsea Clinton, but I can only imagine that he was trying to be a little hip, a little flip, and a little loose with his language.

People pimp out everything — cars, school uniforms, and baby strollers. I hate to excuse it, but pimping out Chelsea — while offensive — isn’t a huge leap in the American language.


Shuster isn’t as powerful as other men in Washington. It’s much easier to clamp down on an expendable reporter than it is to go after stupid comments made by Chris Matthews or commentator Pat Buchanan. (Nice double standard, MSNBC.)

Shuster said something stupid, yes, but I hope we can get past it.

Politicians and corporate media benefit when Americans are distracted. Instead of paying attention to the more important & complicated issues related to gender (i.e., equal pay for work, health care, gun control, protection against violence, abortion rights, access to birth control), there are members of the American electorate who would love for us to watch David Shuster fry on cable television.

In my field of Human Resources, we would call this experience a teachable moment — & then we move on to more important issues.

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