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Question from a pissed off reader.

I have been on a number of interviews over the past year and a trend/rule has suggested itself to me.

If, during the interview, you get told that they are going to be doing multiple rounds of interviews, this is a pretty good sign you are not getting the job, especially if this news comes closer the end of the interview. Time is money, and companies don’t have enough of either to fool around with multiple rounds of interviews. Only government jobs really need to draw out the hiring process like this.

In my latest interview, I was given the ‘we are doing multiple interviews’ line and then told by HR I would be receiving a call early the following week. It’s now Thursday of the following week, and I can’t get ahold of the HR rep because she is on vacation. Her voicemail has directed me to someone else with whom I have left a voicemail, but it occurs to me that I have been thrown off once again.

This isn’t the first time this type of thing has happened to me. The next time I get the ‘multiple rounds of interviews’ line, I think am going to call the interviewer on the carpet. Seriously.

Dude, most companies conduct ‘multiple rounds of interviews’ because no single person is empowered to make a decision. We are a nation of corporate weenies. No one wants to be held accountable for hiring a shitty employee.

That being said, you probably won’t get the job. The odds are against you. That’s just math.

I would consider using Glassdoor or the You-Suck-As-An-Interviewer Automatic Letter Generator ® if you don’t get a call back from the company. Another idea? Open an anonymous Twitter account and post a review of the company and the hiring manager.

It’s about time that companies start paying attention to the candidate experience in the hiring process. Make them pay attention to your concerns, yo.

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