My Career, My Choice: Why I Work in Human Resources


The Evil HR Lady wants to know why I chose Human Resources as a career.

Why didn’t I choose HR?

  • I like it when people come to work with a bad attitude.
  • Human Resources attracts top administrative talent, and I type 80 wpm. I’m a natural!
  • I can alphabetize and maintain personnel files with the best of ’em.
  • My father encouraged me to marry well, and HR seemed like an easy way to find a husband.
  • I enjoy it when employees whine about their supervisors.
  • There’s nothing like a daily crisis at work to get the blood pumping.
  • It’s exciting when I am asked for my opinion and then it’s disregarded.
  • Human Resources is compatible with the other passion in my life: charity work.
  • My first career choice, lottery winner, wasn’t available.
  • I like working in an environment where the expectations are low.
  • I can appreciate the lightheartedness of budget cuts and staff reductions.
  • I’m bad at math*.

Honestly, I fell into the wonderful world of Human Resources via recruiting. As a recruiter, I successfully deconstructed the narrative of a resume; as a Human Resources generalist, I have the ability to listen, demonstrate empathy, and use my smile to get shit done.

As you can see, I’m tremendously proud of my accomplishments.

*Stolen from Catbert.

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