My Top 50 Posts


Here are my top 50 posts on The Cynical Girl.

  1. What Really Happens When You Call In Sick
  2. The Ladders Is The Single Biggest Piece Of Crap
  3. Looking For A New Job: What Do I Say During The Interview?
  4. Your Language Holds You Back
  5. Temp to Perm is a Joke
  6. Baby Boomers: Top Ways to Seem Younger During Your Job Search
  7. The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Boss Doesn’t Like You
  8. There Are No Mexicans Trying To Steal Your Job
  9. Time To Leave Your Job
  10. Professional Haircuts for Men
  11. Please Don’t Call Me Beautiful
  12. Job Boards: Does Anyone Get Hired?
  13. Thank You Notes & Interviews
  14. What Makes A Great Employee?
  15. The War for Talent is Bullshit
  16. Hire Someone From Waffle House
  17. You Eat Chick-fil-A Because You Are A Homophobe
  18. Speak Up: Unethical Behavior at Work
  19. How Job Boards Work
  20. Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Hard Battle. [Plato]
  21. Job Titles Matter
  22. Love, Sex, Power, and Work
  23. Ten Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Blog
  24. Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Chiropractic Have No Business In A Wellness Plan
  25. The Great Twitter Followers Scam
  26. Don’t Use Your Personal Credit Card for Business Expenses
  27. The Best Way To Make More Money: Quit Your Job And Get A New One
  28. Flip Flops At Work
  29. Being Gay At Work
  30. Can I Negotiate Severance?
  31. The Pornographic State of Social Media and Blogging
  32. Employee & HR Handbook
  33. HR Chicks and Competition
  34. My Really Great Story Of Being Bullied
  35. Alcohol and Office Holiday Parties
  36. Great Moments In HR History: Tight Pants
  37. Tattoos & Work
  38. My Carolina Today: How Boomers Can Compete With Younger Workers
  39. Job Hopping
  40. Rejection Letters to Applicants
  41. Should I Go To College?
  42. You Don’t Have A Personal Brand. You Have A Soul.
  43. “I Think I Might Lose My Job”
  44. Top Ways To Reclaim Power At Work
  45. Hiring For Cultural Fit
  46. The Passion Agenda
  47. Being An Atheist At Work
  48. Five Clues That You’re A Problem Employee
  49. Social Media Will Not Make Your Job Better
  50. Recruiters Want Chronological Resumes

I’ve written some great stuff and I have written total shit.

It is fascinating to see.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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