My Twitter Account Is A Mess


Update: Twitter sent me an auto-message and fixed my account. I don’t know why I am so lucky, sometimes, but I am thankful. You can find me @punkrockhr from now on — and I promise to upload a video of me doing a happy dance.


I would like to give Twitter $10000 to fix my problems, but I can’t get anyone to respond to my technical issues.

Here’s my story.

  • I currently write on Twitter under @lruettimann because @punkrockHR — the name of my company — is inaccessible.
  • The @punkrockHR account was created and linked to an email address that I used with a previous employer.
  • I’m not 100% sure if I created @punkrockHR in a haze or if it was done to by one of my ex-employees.
  • I managed to have @punkrockHR deactivated — and I was able to see that it was linked to my former employer’s email system.
  • Twitter can’t automatically restore @punkrockHR and link it to a valid email account (so I can claim it) because their automated help desk system keeps sending restoration emails to my former company — and my mailbox no longer exists at my former employer.

Seriously, is this stupid enough for you?

I have sent myriad email messages to Twitter and have offered money, cats, and bacon in exchange for personal assistance. All Twitter has to do is send a restore notification to a new email address; however, there is no “human” at the Twitter help desk to address my concerns.

If Twitter charged $5/help desk ticket, they could pay the salary of one guy in Bangalore or Dalian who could address these issues. Or they could pay me. I’d gladly be the face of Twitter’s customer service/IT department.

Anyway, you can find me on Twitter in two places: @lruettimann and @punkrock_HR, where I’ll be tweeting about HR, career advice, and cats. If you have any insights on how I can fix this mess, please let me know. I can pay you in dollars and kittens.

[If you have any Twitter horror stories, please feel free to share them in the comments. Success at fixing those problems? Tell me about those, too.]

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