Natalia McNeil


I am Natalia McNeil, a “Marketer For Hire” in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am engaged in a strategic job search for a marketing, client relations or account management position that is a win-win for myself and employer.

I am an experienced marketing professional with exceptional relationship building abilities and strong customer service acumen. Creativity and innovation have been hallmarks of my career success. My outstanding interpersonal skills have won me the esteem and respect of clients and colleagues alike.

I thrive in environments that present me with challenges and opportunities for professional growth. I am highly organized, have outstanding attention to detail, and am accustomed to prioritizing multiple, deadline driven tasks. I enjoy collaborating with others to achieve organizational goals and find that I am quite naturally a key contributor to the success of a project. Throughout my career, I have received numerous awards for exceeding expectations and maintaining high organizational standards.

Along with my project management and event coordination skills, I have a keen understanding of online marketing and can effectively leverage social networking and media trends to drive business. I possess a professional attitude and presentation. My excellent communication skills paired with my ability to build rapport with clients make me a confident company representative when conducting formal presentations to customers. Most importantly, I pride myself on my commitment to excellence and my strong work ethic.

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