National Hairball Awareness Day


People struggle with cat ownership for many reasons. One common reason?

“My cat pukes too much.”

Believe me, I get it. My cats are barf machines. My punk rock band name is Two Piles of Puke. We perform live, this Tuesday, at The Aragon Ballroom.

Because I believe that a happy cat is a healthy cat who lives in a forever home, I am participating in National Hairball Awareness Day.

If your cat pukes too much, take him to the vet. But you can be proactive, yo. A cat spends 30% of his life grooming. Domestic cats tend to shed continuously throughout the year, with peaks of activity occurring during Spring and Fall. And up to 2/3 of a cat’s shed hair can be ingested as they self-groom.

This is a battle. And you need to groom your cat.

We use Furminator tools because we know Scrubby‘s ginger furs can’t be digested. When it accumulates in his stomach, hairballs can form. They can lead to a number of problems, including regurgitation and vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, intestinal obstructions and loss of appetite.

Bottom line?

  • Scrubby uses Furminator.
  • And Furminator supports the SPCA of Wake County.
  • And they have mobilized an army of cat lovers to comb their cats and make fur mustaches to support healthy pet ownership.

That’s pretty special and amazing. Enjoy!

Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!

PS — Do you want to win a Furminator? Leave me a comment and tell me about your pet. I’ll pick someone at random! 

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