New Blog: Human Resources PufnStuf


My buddy, Jimmy, is a human resources professional and a comedian — a great combination. He started a new blog and named it Human Resources PufnStuf, and he is looking for some feedback and advice. Will you go over there and give him your thoughts on what it takes to write a great HR blog?

  • Here’s what I know.

I read Copyblogger, ProBlogger, and Chris Brogan for advice on how to write for a thoughtful audience. I try to keep an active blogroll on my site so that others can benefit from my traffic. I read other blogs like crazy and I’m a lurker, but I use StumbleUpon and Digg to try to drive traffic to other blogs I enjoy.

What else does Jimmy need to know? What blogging sites do you find helpful? Any tips?

By the way, Jimmy is funny as hell and leaves great comments on my blog. I hope you’ll join him in his journey as he starts to write for a larger audience.

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