New Feature on The Cynical Girl: You Think You Know HR?


I am bored, which is how all of my horrible ideas start.

  1. Once a week, I will interview a Human Resources lady (or dude) via Google Hangout for a few minutes to get to know ’em.
  2. Then I will ask them three questions from either the HRCI or CIPD body of knowledge.
  3. Multiple choice. I am not unreasonable.

If my guest gets 2/3 right, I will make a donation to her favorite charity that doesn’t totally offend me. If she misses two questions, she has to make a donation to SPCA of Wake County.

Any amount. I don’t care.

Can you be successful and entrepreneurial in HR but fail a quiz that is straight from the smartest HR people on the planet? We will find out! And I want to humanize the face of Human Resources. These ladies (and dudes) are interesting. They defy stereotypes. And some of them are hilarious.

The early reviews are in . . . and my idea is universally panned.

  • “I never play a game I can’t conceivably win — so as they say on the Shark Tank — I’m out.” — Paul Hebert, who stabs me in the back after I organize Paul Hebert Day.
  • “So you think you’re smarter than Cat Loving Liberal Former Punk Rock HR Pro… Sounds really exciting…” — Tim Sackett, being jealous that he didn’t come up with the idea first.
  • “I can’t think of anything I’d like less.” — Neil Morrison, who just makes me want to do this more.

Thank god I don’t ask for feedback.

I think it’s interesting how my HR lady friends love the idea. My bloggers with egos really hate it. My first guest is probably Mary Faulkner because she said yes. I have a few more in the queue, too.

These are early days, people! Stick with me!

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