New Foster Kitten: Emma


It was only a matter of time until another hard-luck kitten came into my life. Meet Emma, my new foster kitten who will be available for adoption very shortly. Emma was thrown from a car but she is doing fine thanks to the loving care of a local vet & his awesome staff.

She’s adorable, right? She purred during her bath and gave us thank-you-for-saving-me kisses.

Wait a second — don’t get all caught up in the cute. Stay with me here. Aren’t you all about the outrage?

  • She was thrown.
  • From. A. Car.

It’s par for the course around here, unfortunately. Michigan is the heart of the auto industry, after all. Now that I think about it, every region has its own way of torturing animals. In Puerto Rico, they throw animals off bridges. Maybe a car is more humane.


It’s a sick, sick world. Go donate to your local animal rescue or volunteer some time.

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