New Jobs in the Online Gaming Industry


The fastest growing gambling segment in the world is online gaming. Whether they are free to play poker games on Facebook or full service online casino, everyone has access to some form of online gambling. As such, there is always a high demand for skilled employees. To get a job at one of the best online casino, you will need to be both skilled and sometimes think outside of the box.

Customer Service and Game Hosts

Among the entry level positions that you will find with many online gaming sites are customer service positions and game hosts. Customer service representatives for online sites are similar to most other jobs, with the exception that a majority of your work will be done in a virtual environment. Many sites provide support via email alone and require representatives for all shifts.

Game hosts are essentially game monitors that watch the games provided on the networks and take care of any problems, such as abusive users or even helping players with deals in games.

Marketing and Promotions

Like many organizations, online gaming companies need employees to help them sell advertising to various companies. This involves anything from soliciting news and print publications to selling advertising on television stations.

Also, promotional executives are always needed to inform customers about the latest and greatest games on the sites as well as try and draw new players to the site.

Website and Game Programmers

Since nearly all business done with online gaming companies are online, a top notch site and state of the art software is key. Talented web and application programmers can mean the difference in an average gaming experience and a world class experience.

Also, new games are being offered all the time online. Whether it is new slots, video poker games, or a new table game variant, game designers are needed to provide the latest and greatest gaming options to customers.

If you are interested in a job in online gaming, check out the employment pages of various online sites. Also, send your resume to hiring managers of various sites for any upcoming positions.

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