New to Blogging & Looking for Advice


From a guy who wants to start a blog.

I’m a big fan of the Punk Rock HR. I love reading your stuff – it gives me a good laugh and some great info at the same time. I’m looking to get off the sidelines and actually start blogging myself. I’m new to HR and I’m new to blogging, but I thought it would be cool to see what it was like to give it a shot and track myself through this part of my career/life. I wanted to see if you had any advice for someone just starting out, since you’ve done a great job getting yourself going and you’ve clearly developed a great following so far.

Wait, buddy, are you writing a blog about yourself or about HR?

I used to write a blog about myself. I did it for three years. Then I realized that no one cared. I would never be Dooce. I would never be a rockstar. I would never make any money. I started Punk Rock HR because I wanted to write about something I know: mediocrity in the workforce.

Now I write about my career, I give out career advice, and I interject myself in the story. Guess what? 99% of the internet still doesn’t care. It breaks my narcissistic heart.

So if you are going to start a blog, develop some thick skin. Then check out the competition on my blogroll. I have a list of great writers who have something to say about the current state of talent acquisition in America. They have a passion for doing things differently. They offer great career advice. They know how to tell a story.

Read those blogs and ask questions. Leave comments. Open a Twitter account. Start microblogging. Then jump into the pool and see if you can swim with these sharks.

What do you guys think? What’s the most successful way to start blogging about HR? What are some resources you can offer this guy?

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