New to HR: Advice Needed!


Karen Brennan writes,

As a recent grad in HRM, I’ve been interested in your viewpoints on just what HR is and what it should be (and where I would fit in). It’s actually getting a bit dizzying to try and follow the evolution.

As a student, my Employment Law Professor exposed me to a viewpoint of HR that I held as, what seems to be, the Holy Grail. A video by Margaret Morford called “Running With the Big Dogs: How to Make Human Resources a Strategic Player” illustrated very well how HR could meet corporate goals.

I understand it was put out a while ago, but would like to hear if you are aware of the video and what your thoughts are on it. Is the process as laid out achievable? Or is it just in a select few circumstances?

Thanks for all your insight!

Karen, I’ve never seen the video. I’ll toss this out to Punk Rock HR readers. Anyone see the video? I’m more interested if anyone has advice for someone who is new to the field of HR. What does Karen need to know? What mistakes should she avoid?

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