NFL won't suspend Vick. Yet.


I’m not surprised to read the article below, especially since the only reason anyone cares about football in Atlanta is Micheal Vick. You can’t make money on a craptacular team, but you can make money from one guy who runs down the field in an amazing way.

Sigh. The dog lover in me wants to ask, “Doesn’t the NFL like dogs?”

The HR woman in me wants to ask, “Why won’t the NFL enforce its own personal conduct policy?”

If I were Tank Johnson, I would be super-pissed-off at the unfair application of a corporate conduct policy. I would also wonder why it’s okay to breed, fight & kill dogs but not okay to smoke marijuana in your own home.


NFL won’t suspend Vick — yet :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Football

After consulting with the Falcons, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and top league officials agreed to let the legal process determine the facts.

A person with knowledge of the meeting, who requested anonymity so the case would not be influenced, said the NFL would stick to that position for the foreseeable future, despite its new personal-conduct policy.

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