Nobody is Doing Mobile Right


You know who’s doing mobile right? Nobody.

Maybe Starbucks. I start my day by getting a cup of coffee and scanning my phone. That works.

But the rest of my day — from shopping to eating to wandering around the mall doing nothing — is filled with lost opportunities for retailers, consumers and mobile app developers.

For example…

Today I got up and went to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I have a gift card from my brother. Why can’t my gift card be stored on my phone?

Then I went to Lowe’s and tried to find light bulbs. Why isn’t there an app that allows me to pull up a store, search for an item and see the aisle number where the item is located? Same thing with Target and every other store in the world. This is a simple integrated inventory management system combined with an overlaid store map. Good god. I’m an HR chick. Someone please do this for me.

Then I got gas. This transaction could have happened via my Costco AMEX card that is loaded onto my phone. And why the heck isn’t my regular Costco membership just loaded onto my phone? Why do I have to flash a card when I walk in the door? Can’t I just check in on Foursquare or something? Ugh.

Then I wrapped up my day at the gym. I should be able to scan my phone at Lifetime Fitness and go straight to the machines. Furthermore, I should be able to buy a bottle of water with my phone. Nope. I gotta stand in line with the rest of the chumps in America.

You can tell me that retailers and restauranteurs are working on integrated clienteling tools. That’s fabulous. You’ve been telling me this since 2008 and I don’t believe it. I am a normal American. I have a normal day. I spend thousands of dollars each month on shit I don’t need and I pay for stuff the same way I paid for it in 1999.

And you are collecting billions of bits of data on me and upselling me on a phone I don’t need, too.

I am on to you.

It’s time to do something fabulous with mobile in 2012 before mobile is over and we go straight to the chip in the brain.

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