Off the Grid Fridays—Craigslist


Ken and I are finally joining the 21st century and getting a new TV. Unfortunately, we have a TV that we need to sell. It weighs something like 200000 lbs. Of course it’s on our second floor. Of course it took three professional movers to bring it up there.

I want to sell my TV on Craigslist but I’m not sure how to do it. I think the target market is the college demographic. Name brand TV, large screen, purchased in 2004. Great condition. Cheap if you can move it. Anyone who comes to look at the TV and wants to buy it will need to bring a friend. I dunno if it’s cool to have a bunch of guys at my house when I’m home alone. This is a Lifetime Movie™® waiting to happen. Or Porky’s. I dunno.

Any advice out there? Have you sold something like this on Craigslist? Anyone hear any crazy stories about people getting raped and murdered in a similar situation? Because I totally want to sell my TV and avoid major harm to my body.

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