Off the Grid Fridays—Vegas


I’m just back from Las Vegas and boy do I hate that town.

That’s not true. I love certain aspects of Vegas. Food. Spas. Decent weather when much of the country is enveloped in a blanket of snow.

Here are some things I hate.

  • People who come to Vegas and expect to win big. This is not a small minority and it’s sad to watch on the casino floor. If you are bummed about losing $20 on Wheel of Fortune quarter slots, you shouldn’t be gambling.
  • People who come to Vegas and can’t afford it. Whoo doggie. You’ve seen them. Can barely afford the flight — let alone the hotel, taxi rides, etc. If you’re in foreclosure, you shouldn’t go to Vegas.
  • The expectation of an upgrade. You’re not Frank Sinatra. Why does everyone in Vegas want to be comped and upgraded? What makes you so special?
  • The long lines at the buffet. I love the buffet at the Bellagio but it’s weird to wait a few hours (yes, a few hours) to gorge yourself on food.
  • The exorbitant prices. I spent $7.03 on a triple grande mocha at the TI casino. So offensive.
  • Smoking. It’s 2010. Time to quit, fools.
  • Baby strollers on Las Vegas Boulevard. I’m not anti-kid but I am anti-buggy on a tiny, crowded sidewalk. And I’m anti-child in a casino while you’re smoking and drinking.

I was married in Vegas. The town holds some great memories for me. But when I see the immigrant workers on the strip flicking LIVE NUDE GIRLS cards at me while I’m trying to navigate around a stroller on my way to the buffet, I know exactly what the hell is wrong with this country.

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