Off the Grid Fridays—Christmas Gifts for Coworkers


I’ve said it before. Don’t give gifts to your boss or supervisor. It’s awkward and tacky. If anyone gets a gift, it’s you.

Want to give a gift to your coworkers? Here are some ideas.

  1. How about a Doll That Gives Birth With Placenta? You know that crazy woman in accounting who blabs about the ‘war on Christmas’ would really appreciate this.
  2. Might I also suggest Bacon Jam? Delicious and trendy.
  3. I’m all about food as gifts — as long as you don’t touch it. Try Chocolate Sea Salt or a box of Pralines. Yum.
  4. Some people give out bottles of wine. Boring. Give this Santa Baby Retro Pin Up Girl 6oz flask.
  5. I know I want the Hoodie-Footie for her and the Hoodie-Footie for a bear.
  6. I once gave out Ruby Red Slippers soap and was told, “Never do it again. It’s August and I still have glitter in my tub.” Perfect for the coworker who drives you nuts.

And don’t expect a present from anyone at the office. At this point in the recession, your paycheck and a hassle-free workweek are gifts.

Any other suggestions?

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