Off the Grid Friday—The Closing


I’m a big believer in writing how you speak. Don’t use fancy words in real life? Don’t use them in an email.

So how do you close your email messages?

Sometimes I use xoxo. Other times it’s xoL. Or maybe xo/l. Plain old Laurie works, too.

For professional email messages, I keep it short.


I think it’s weird when people end email messages with cheers. Very common — but you’re not British so what does that mean? I’m confused.

I hate later. You’re an adult. Don’t feign youth with me, buddy. If your knees or back ache, you can’t use later. Also, it feels dismissive.

Okay, what do you use?

And tell me why I’m wrong because I know there’s a CHEERS contingency out there ready to ride my ass about this one.

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