Off the Grid Fridays—Terrorism


It’s nine years after 9/11 and — because I’m no worse than the CIA who lost Osama bin Laden in Tora Bora — I’m still trying to anticipate Al Qaeda’s next move.

I see a vulnerable piece of our infrastructure and think, “If I were a terrorist, this is where I would go…”

Do you do this? I could do this all day long if I let myself.

When I attend an event with a large crowd, I always think about how easy it would be to release a chemical or biological agent.

The mall? A bridge? Our fragile food system that already gives us eggs with salmonella?

It’s not that hard to kill people.

And suddenly I’m in Jack Bauer territory — except that 24 isn’t real and I am worried about domestic terrorism and stupid people (& not just the Muslims and the Russians, stupid writers who really effed up that show).

I am not walking around irrationally paranoid. I don’t carry Cipro in my pocket. But nine years later, I am still terribly aware of our nation’s vulnerabilities.

It’s so stupid and sad. That piece of fear in me? The stupid fear that’s co-opted by politicians to scare me into removing my shoes at the airport? That fear hasn’t gone away.

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