Off the Grid Fridays—Genealogy


I am not interested in genealogy.

While it is sorta interesting to learn about my heritage and the events that produced me (a third-generation American from the northwest side of Chicago), it’s also wholly depressing. There’s nothing there. No major triumphs. And I wasn’t raised in any ethnic tradition. We didn’t have rituals (except for TV and McDonalds). My family didn’t accomplish anything important except for arrest records.

So I just don’t get genealogy.

Here’s the other thing I find weird about genealogy: in my family, those who want to know more about our ancestors are the ones who are on a quest to learn more about themselves. I think that’s great — but my present-day relatives would benefit from therapy and more time spent with living relatives, not endless nights on and the census website.

It just think it’s weird how we attribute meaning to our ancestors. I guess we are human and that’s what we do…

..but the answers to most of our questions can be found by being a little more honest with ourselves.

Anyway, I’m not into genealogy or sharing stories about the past. I can barely stay focused on my current reality.

What about you?

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