Off The Grid Fridays—Valentine’s Day


Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day. - Valentine's Day and Black History Month are sad reminders of how lonely and white I am

I’m not a big fan of this holiday. It has nothing to do with my cynicism. Here’s the deal—I am not really romantic, I don’t need anything, and I like flowers but I feel badly about the migrant workers who pick them. [sad trombone]

I once had a man send me flowers on Valentine’s Day. It was nice — but he was broke, we were about to break up, and I had HR women in my department who were like, “Must be nice to get flowers.” [more sad trombone]

I can’t remember the last time we exchanged gifts on Valentine’s Day, but if I had to ask for something, it might be this.

Or maybe just some chocolate.

You got a sweetheart? You alone? What’s up with your Valentine’s Day?

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