Off the Grid Fridays—Birthday Gifts


I just had a birthday and I got some awesome gifts — but I’ve had some clunker gifts over the past few years.

The worst birthday gift was from a new boyfriend who overheard that I like massages. I love massages — when they’re given to me by strangers. In a spa. With strong hands. Otherwise I don’t care for massages. I don’t live in Marin County and I don’t own a hot tub. That’s not my scene.

Anyway, this dude gave me a massage kit for my birthday from The Body Shop. We had only been dating for a short while. I’m like, What, Mario Tricoci closed down? You couldn’t get over to The Red Door and buy me a gift certificate? And how is it a gift for me that I get naked and you get massage oil all over my Egyptian cotton sheets?

Good grief. I’m not frigid or anything… okay… fine… maybe I am.

Now my best birthday gift? OMG, too many to remember. Right now I am loving these hoodie-footie pajamas from Cols.

I love them in a way that I cannot describe. So perfect and hilarious. She is a great friend. The kind of friend that I need in my life forever, yo.

So what was your best & worst birthday gift?

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