Off the Grid Fridays—Dressing Room Mirrors


This makes no sense, but the worst dressing room mirrors in my area are at Nordstroms.

Here I am — a woman with a professional speaking career and a budget to wear nice things. I step into the dressing room at my local store and I look awful. Now listen… I am five feet tall, I weigh 120 lbs, and I do okay for myself. I look in the mirror and I see every pit, every shadow, every lump on my thigh.

I’ve gone so far as to rotate dressing rooms. No matter the dressing room, I look awful in each one.

Other stores at the mall? The mirrors are fine. I don’t look like a dairy farmer. I can’t see my mustache.

Do you look awful in certain stores? Have you stopped shopping at a store because you find the lighting so unflattering? Dudes, I’m almost there. I don’t need business casual black pants badly enough to look like a goblin in a mirror.

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