Off the Grid Fridays—Geriatric Dinner


This post is in defense of the geriatric dinner.

I am a convert.

When I was younger and lived in bigger cities, I used to like to eat dinner around 8:00 PM. Then we’d do a movie, hit a party, or have drinks with friends.

Now that I’m 36 and live in Raleigh, we have dinner every week at Dos Taquitos. The place fills up pretty quickly — so I like to eat out at 6:30.

Yes, 6:30.

I can have a margarita, beat the 7PM rush, catch an eight o’clock movie, and I’m home in time for the news at 11.

Geriatric dinners are the way to go. If you get hungry again because you ate dinner too early, you can eat your leftovers right away. That’s two dinners for the price of one. There’s no downside.

So here are the benefits to a geriatric dinner: two dinners, a movie, and a decent bedtime.

That’s gold, people.

Who’s with me on this one?

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