Off The Grid Fridays—I Love You


There are two kinds of people in this world.

People who say I LOVE YOU and people who don’t.

My grandmother is a woman who says I LOVE YOU and she taught me that it’s important to say it at the end of every conversation — just in case that person gets hit by a bus and dies.

You want the last thing they remember about you to be love — not hate.

“What if you do hate them?” I asked Gramma.

“It would be horrible if someone died thinking you were mad at ’em. That would make you mean.”

Oh well, snap, I’m not mean and I don’t want that kind of guilt.  So I spent a majority of my life saying I LOVE YOU to just about every single person in my life.

But I married a dude who never says it.


“Saying it too often devalues the word.”

Right. Whatevs. Because that makes sense, too.

We’ve managed to work it out over the past fourteen years. I still say I LOVE YOU to everyone — my vet, the mailman, my colleagues — and I accept the fact that my husband won’t end every conversation by saying, “I love you… just in case you get hit by a bus.”

But if I get hit by a bus, he’s totally gonna see my point and feel bad about it.

How about you? Which camp are you in?

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