Off the Grid Fridays—Secret Family Recipes


I am a third-generation American on both sides of my family, and many of you know that I don’t know how to cook (or eat) — so it should come as no surprise that I don’t have any secret family recipes in my background.

  • There is no famous spaghetti sauce.
  • No amazing bread recipe.
  • We don’t have a truly outrageous cookie recipe.

The closest thing we have to a family recipe (beyond my bacon fudge) is Auntie Helen’s jell-o. It is a mash-up of jell-o (duh), Cool Whip, and canned fruit — mandarin oranges, maraschino cherries, and some other gross shit that I like to eat when I’m high. I haven’t made it for years. Last time I served it, the jell-o stained the plastic bowl.

What recipes do you have in your family? Anything sacred and passed down through the generations? Any specific foods define your family?

I’m looking to expand my food horizons. Tell me what makes your recipe so amazing!

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