Off the Grid Fridays—Unsuspecting Photos


Sometimes I like to take pictures of people and post those photos on Facebook.

People who look stupid. Wearing silly things. Have crazy tattoos. Like this guy. I snapped his picture in Orlando. This guy was headed home after a Disney vacation with his wife and two kids. Totally didn’t know that I photographed his tattoo. It’s nuts, right? The Virgin Mary on your calf? I don’t get it.

But a friend of mine recently told me that she thinks this anonymous photo trend is rude. Her thinking goes something like this: someone snaps your picture, you don’t know it, and suddenly you’re on the internet and people are making fun of you. How is that fair? You were just going about your daily business. Living life. And that’s the stuff of comedy?

So lame, she said. And not funny. It’s actually a reflection on you. You’re the asshole — not some guy at Walmart who is showing his butt crack. He is human. You are heartless.

Hm. Never thought about it like that. Now that she framed the discussion that way, though, I’m 100% on her side.

So I’m going to stop taking pictures of people who are weird & kooky. If I see someone doing something that is bizarre, I’ll ask for permission before I take the picture.

Just seems like the right thing to do.

What do you think?

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