Only bonuses come for free


The saying goes: Nothing good comes for free and everything has a price. Those people have obviously never experienced a no deposit bonus. This is how a no deposit bonus works: Online casinos are known exclusively for providing daily bonuses to their users by just playing any game they choose. However, to enjoy these bonuses, you have to deposit cash that will then be used when you play slots or other games. No deposit bonuses, however, mean that you don’t need to deposit an entry fee. You play the games for free and you are still eligible for these bonuses.

Even better, bonuses can be used to fuel your gaming needs; in other words, whatever you earn from these bonuses is transferred onto your account as credits. From here, you can use your credits to gamble on any game you wish. Hard to believe? Sure is, but it’s as real as it gets. Your bonuses can be used on any type of game: Slots, baccarat tables, video poker, you name it.

Now you’re thinking who would be willing to give away free money? What’s the catch? I’m sorry to say there is none. By just registering on the site, you are instantly eligible to participate in any free-to-play game. Then by luck of the draw, you may win a bonus which can be used to access more advanced pay-to-play games across all affiliated casino sites – each sporting additional packages looking to support their customers.

One example is the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is an offer designed to help you get started in the online gambling world. Designed to double any initial fee you enter after creating an account, the welcome fee can be used any way you choose – no strings attached. This guarantees that users will keep coming back as they feel welcomed.

Furthermore, after a certain point, you’ll be invited into VIP exclusive games and tournaments, offered access to more complex – yet highly rewarding – games; and obtain the chance to participate in seasonal casino contests. What more could you ask for? Well, you can also receive gifts in the form of credit that can be spent on more games!

Let’s recap what you’re getting:

  • Thousands of slots and table games to choose from.
  • Welcome bonus designed to match your initial deposit.
  • Gifts that add to your cash pool and can be used freely.
  • Access to partnered casinos.

Finally, to top it all, all these casinos work with the same digital banking system, meaning that you only require to open an account in one of these casinos. From there, you can access any of the other sites without the need of creating a new account, depositing more money into another casino and worrying about overcharging fees.

So there you have it: The best casinos New Zealand has to offer can be conveniently found in one place. Better yet, they all work together to guarantee that you, their loyal customer, has the time of your life and keep on winning.

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