Open Enrollment: Pet Insurance


lucy1It’s open enrollment in most American companies. My least favorite time of the year. HR Superstar writes a great ‘tongue-in-cheek’ post on how to screw up the process.

Now that I’m self-employed, I have some benefit questions. I just spent $659 on my cat, Lucy, who had her teeth cleaned and 17 warts removed from her body. Yes, that’s right. Feline warts along Lucy’s spine and tail. I swear to God, my vets won the jackpot when I moved to town.

I want pet insurance, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. Any insight or recommendations on a pet insurance program? Do you offer pet insurance to your employees? Do they like it?

I would love to do the math and figure out if the premium rates are less expensive than paying for the procedures outright, but I work in HR and I can’t do math.

Oh, and here’s what else I want to know: what’s the weirdest benefit you offer? The most luxurious perk? Give me the deets.

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