Open Letter to Bath & Body Works


Dear Bath & Body Works,

I am a woman who loves to impulse shop & spend lots of money on beauty products. Unfortunately, I didn’t spend a single dime in your store over the holiday season because I absolutely hate your customer service. I’m trying to buy beauty products, not a used car, and I really resent being swamped by salespeople as I walk in the door.

Furthermore, you have 70 women on the floor at any given time trying to upsell me on lip-gloss, but you have three slow-witted women working the registers. I could order shampoo from the internet and have it shipped on a slow boat from China and it would reach me faster than standing in one of your lines at a Bath & Body Works retail store. The only reason to purchase anti-aging products in your store is to fight the effects of waiting to check-out.

Also, why must your retail workers always stick a slew of coupons in my shopping bag and act like they’re doing me a favor? It’s not a Shakespearean production. They’re coupons. Just stick them in the bag and get on with it.

I don’t care if your soaps are 50% off, this week. I am no longer supporting your store until you revamp your training and development programs.

Sincerely Yours,

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