Opting Out: An Anniversary


I’ve been feeing the urge — out of nowhere — to restructure random companies and lay off IT employees. I looked at my calendar and realized that this Saturday Sunday* (June 8th) will mark my one-year anniversary of opting out of Corporate America and Corporate Human Resources.

Wow. A year of blogging about not working in Human Resources. Suckers, this calls for a celebration. I need your opinion. Should I:

  1. enjoy a fancy dinner with the husband to mark the wonderful anniversary?
  2. treat myself to a spa package and champagne to toast the auspicious occasion?
  3. do nothing (& go about my general business) because every single day of my life is awesome?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Any other ideas? Feedback is welcome, yo!

(*Dudes, I’m unemployed and can’t keep track of the days of the week!)

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