Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday.

I am blogging over at Medium if you’re interested. I have two articles. My first article is for job seekers who are looking for work during the holidays. My second one is more personal. Hope you like them.

Lots of stuff happening in the world regarding work, power, politics and money. Syria is still a mess. Don’t even get me started about Egypt. And you HR people who didn’t like The Sound of Music really hurt Carrie Underwood’s feelings.

She is just doing her best. Why you gotta hate like that?

Stay warm out there. Stay safe during the holiday season. Make good choices.

There are a ton of things that bug me about the holiday season but this is, by far, the worst offender.

I don’t enjoy the song, but David Bowie’s version of Little Drummer Boy makes me scream. What is he doing with Bing Crosby?!

Come on, man.

Who is with me?!

I am trying to be a full-time writer.

Turns out, that job pays like crap.

So I’ve accepted a few consulting assignments in 2013 to pay my credit card bills. When I do work, I consult with HR technology vendors on their marketing strategies.

What does that mean? Well, it means a whole bunch of boring shit. Marketing strategies. Social media. Ridiculous content. Email campaigns. White papers. Webinars. Blog posts. Speaking engagements.

But these days, it means that I am turning down a lot of work because some vendors have no love for their clients.

No love for your clients? Dismissive and misogynistic language towards HR ladies? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The HR tech community is on a loop, and I keep hearing the same old nonsense from many vendors.

  • We don’t sell to HR.
  • We are a data company, not a human resources company.
  • We aren’t interested in administration and compliance.
  • We want to facilitate a human resources revolution.
  • HR ladies don’t get our products.

Yeah, okay. Too bad for your shitty company, bub,  because these HR ladies will be sticking around until the robots take over. And maybe beyond that.

I keep telling potential clients: if you don’t absolutely love your customer, and you talk about the function of human resources as if you’re working through issues with your mom, you don’t deserve to close a deal. And I certainly won’t help you reach the buyer through a marketing plan built on condescension and disdain.

Maybe it’s because I am older, but when asked to pick a side between menopausal HR women and HR technology vendors enamored by the size of their own dicks, imma pick the ladies.

Hoes before bros … especially my hoes in HR … which is why my consulting business sucks.


At least I am principled.