Passion & Feelings


I don’t admit this freely but I am a passionate person.

I have strong opinions and convictions. I believe in specific, fundamental truths. When I see something I want, I go after it.

That being said, I am not an emotional or sentimental woman. I don’t get caught up in memories. Relationships are important, but I’m a big believer that distance makes the heart grow fonder. It’s great to connect with friends and colleagues, but silence is important, too. I like random Wednesdays where I don’t talk to anyone.

If we do talk, I don’t want to talk about your feelings.


I think too many people confuse passion with emotion. I am passionate about animals and animal rescue, but it has very little to do with kittens and puppies. I love puppy breath. I like to snorgle with kittens. All of that is true. I’m really passionate about fixing the misappropriation of my tax dollars, though. I am sick of funding a broken animal welfare system.

  • Something is wrong with my community when our local animal services department needs to euthanize kittens & puppies due to an overcrowded shelter.
  • Criminal charges should be filed immediately when police officers discover someone in my town who is raising pit bulls for profit & sport.
  • You should be spayed or neutered yourself when you allow your cats to have multiple litters of kittens because you are too cheap (or too stupid) to get your cats fixed.

Yeah, I’m passionate about animal rescue but there’s nothing sentimental about it.


I feel that the best kind of passion is light on emotion and heavy on action. You can spend your time talking about your feelings and looking inward, or you can do something meaningful. Passion becomes childish and narcissistic if your energy isn’t focused in the right direction. Stop emoting. Stop being contemplative. Start developing a plan to take some of that passion and turn it into action that matters.

If you’re confused about how to channel your passion, you can volunteer. Local animal rescues always need help, and it’s kitten and puppy season if that holds any sway in your decision-making process.

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