Pay Cuts


A note about pay cuts. Not from Wisconsin.

First – LOVE the blog.

Second – SAD that I’d rather ask your advice then my own HR people but… it’s true.

Third – Feel no obligation to respond. Just sending the question to the great void in the chance that you may be bored and want to respond.

I wanted to ask your opinion or thoughts on asking for a pay cut back. I wanna say it’s been close to a year since our wages were cut 7%. Upon the axe, we were given a letter explaining the “terms” of the deal. It said if in three months time, we reached a certain sales goal, we’d get half the cut back. Then if we reached another sales goal in the next three months, we’d get the other half back. Then the kicker, a disclaimer at the bottom that said if management decides not to reinstate the pay cuts at all, they will offer an explanation as to why. So far, we got nada. We’ve had one update on the sales goals and if I remember right, we hit them for the first three month period but got bupkiss back. An even better punch in the stomach is now management is considering buying a new million dollar press (I work at a printing company). Seems money would be available to reinstate the pay cuts if you ask me.

Anyway, to my point. Is it ethical to approach management and ask about the pay cuts or more directly, ask for mine back. I’m guessing not since I keep hearing I’m supposed to be appreciative and thankful I have a job but I just am not making ends meet and to add to the situation, I have my first wee one on the way in July and need more income to flow in. My company is not responsible for my personal decisions to start a family, I just feel they haven’t held up their end of the reinstating bargain and I honestly feel I deserve more then I’m making. I also can see why they’d say I’m not any more special then any other employees except maybe I have the gall (or balls) to ask about it?

If the worst they can tell me is no, I’d be willing to approach someone about it. I don’t, however, want it held over my head should push come to shove in the future.

Oh my. What a note. Sorry about your paycuts. This is why many union organizers want to punch American workers in the face. Once you make a concession, it’s gone forever. Just look at the airlines.

Many companies would rather invest in infrastructure than hire anyone or offer pay raises, right now. A printing press is a one-time purchase that has tax advantages. You have no advantage. You are an expense on a spreadsheet.

Sorry to be so honest. I’m sure you deserve a 20% increase. If you say something, you will be known as an instigator who doesn’t appreciate having a job. So you have some options.

  1. An anonymous note to management and HR reminding them that they suck and can’t live up to their promises.
  2. An entry on Glassdoor.
  3. A new job.

Or all of the above.

I like options #2 and #3.  You can only control what you can control. Get a new job (as if it’s that easy) and then write a review on Glassdoor. And then don’t look back.

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