Penn State And The Cult of College Football


Let me say a few things about Penn State and Happy Valley in no particular order. Rage does that to a woman.

  1. The cult of college football drives seemingly intelligent people to do odd things. Like the Catholic church, normal people will go to extraordinary lengths to justify horrific behavior.
  2. College football coaches are educators. Universities and alumni associations conveniently forget that.
  3. College football players are students. They don’t have jobs — except to learn.
  4. When something illegal (allegedly) happens, you call the police. You don’t say, “We didn’t have jurisdiction to investigate.”
  5. When you inject money into sports — even at the college level — the system becomes corrupt.
  6. Joe Paterno preaches leadership on the football field. He demonstrated cowardice in his job.
  7. Penn State’s football program ought to face serious sanctions. And by sanctions, I don’t just mean financial. The university and its athletic program need to be revamped, reworked, and restructured.
  8. The NCAA, by creating a cult-like environment beholden to marketing & financial & advertising goals, is also responsible for what happened to those children.
Ignoring the abuse of a child makes you complicit. Full stop. Yes, I blame Jerry Sandusky for his actions; however, there are adults from Joe Paterno to Mark Emmert who are also responsible for this atrocious mess.

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