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Last week, I announced that I’m leaving Punk Rock HR. It was a bittersweet moment and it got me thinking about personal branding. Who am I? What does my blog represent? What legacy will I leave?

Then I remembered it was just a stupid blog and I have laundry to do.

I think it is very important to think about how you present yourself, what you say, and how you say it. It’s also important to remember that people don’t care about brands. Actions, accomplishments, and experiences matter most in this world.

I write a blog, sure, but I hope my personal brand is bigger than Punk Rock HR. I try to offer practical career advice for those stuck in the working world. My comments section is recognized in this industry as a place where readers can share their own experiences. I spend time helping people get back to work. I also spend an inordinate amount of time telling people that it’s okay to have a cruddy job that pays the bills. Sometimes a job is just a job.

Personal branding advisors can be great, or they can be vapid and trite. You don’t need to live your brand. Just live. The brand will follow.

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