Rewriting My Resume: My Personal Marketing Statement


I’m rewriting my resume, and I need to develop a statement that summarizes my knowledge, skills, and abilities in a simple and straightforward way. I decided to ask my family & friends for help, in a roundabout way, by forwarding the “one word meme” from Kate.

I’m using this meme — otherwise known as junk mail & spam — as a tool to develop core, powerful words that describe my personality. The meme works like this:

Send me one word that describes me.

That’s it. Pretty simple. I asked for one word that comes to mind when people think of Laurie Ruettimann. Unfortunately, only 22% of my family and friends responded. (Thanks, chumps. I’ll remember those who responded when it’s time for gifts during the holiday season.)

Sigh. Anyway, the following are my core words given by family and friends — in no particular order:

  • provocative
  • subversive
  • generous
  • delicious
  • fun
  • radiant
  • cynical
  • witty
  • big-breasted
  • scrumptious
  • committed
  • energy
  • warm
  • friend
  • Starbucks
  • compassionate
  • luscious
  • sunshine (x2)
  • zoom
  • shout

I’m thinking of a personal marketing statement that goes a little somethin’ like this:

Generous, radiant, big-breasted professional who exudes a ray of sunshine — even in the most subversive environments — seeks an opportunity to demonstrate her commitment to Human Resources excellence in an energetic and fun environment. Whether it’s sipping delicious cappuccinos at Starbucks or shouting out an order at the local deli, this friendly Human Resources Generalist isn’t afraid to coach executives leaders in a provocative manner regarding workforce planning, staffing metrics, and HR planning and delivery strategies. Known for her ability to demonstrate compassion and lusciousness while delivering tough messages to colleagues and leaders, this up-and-coming HR professional will zoom up your corporate ladder and prove to your board members that Human Resources has a credible voice and belongs at the decision-making table.

Can anyone do a better job for me?

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