Personal Thoughts: Vegas


I want to write about Las Vegas because it’s such a crazy and overwhelming place to visit.


I’ve been here more than a dozen times, and I was married at The Little Church of the West in 2002. As a child, my father brought me to Las Vegas with my younger brother and we would swim during the day and hang out in the hotel room at night. I saw Vegas as a town of dreams & possibilities, but now I see Las Vegas as a microcosm of Human Resources issues. It’s a town of consumers, addicts, and talent management challenges.

  • Tourists expect a glamorous and sexy experience;
  • Residents expect full employment & city services;
  • and everyone has a job or two — even the illegal immigrants.

The only people who don’t work are the addicts & alcoholics who invoke the name of Jesus and ask for spare change.


This is a town that’s built on an equation of despair and hustle. You can make a decent living if you try, or you can work the evening shift at the Walgreens on the strip and sell shampoo & conditioner to tourists who forgot to pack toiletries.


It makes me sad to walk the strip and see all the tourists from Europe and Asia who are wearing 80s retro clothing and snapping pictures of the fake Eiffel Tower. Don’t you people have better things to do than drink Coke, wear Converse, and spend your Euros in the desert?


I’m not sure where this is going, but I’ll tell you this much: I think I’m done with Vegas.

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