Punk Rock HR Question: Webcams and Pervy Dudes


We’re on a weird coworker theme, this week.

This note is from Natasha.

I started a new job. I love the new job. Great company culture. Open, forward thinking. I dig it.  However…there is one small oddity.  I am located in a small area (resembling a large closet) that houses three cubes. Two cubes are occupied (me in one and a guy in the one beside me). The other is empty.

This dude is on the phone ALL day…and I do not think it is work related. Wouldn’t bother me…but the fellah also has a webcam video screen up as well (he isn’t being video’d, he is watching it).  I haven’t looked too terribly close at what is on it, but one day…it looked like someone sitting down with no pants, and another day…a young, dark haired woman staring longingly at the camera.  Now I am all about leaving people alone if they get their job done, but sitting next to him is starting to creep me out.  I mean, he talks in this low voice all day…and it just gets oogier all the time. Suggestions? Comments?

Natasha, I think this guy is watching his family. Lots of people do it. The person with no pants? Could be his kid. The woman staring longingly into the camera? Could be a wife. Maybe a daughter.

Sure, this guy might be pervy. He might be getting in the way of you doing a better job. Why don’t you spend more time in his cube and report back to us? Forget your day job. Don’t worry about projects, timelines, and corporate expectations. If he’s skeevy, we want to be the first to know about it.

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