Pete Doherty's cat is on crack


For those of you who don’t know Pete Doherty: join the club.

Wikiepedia defines him as a musician, actor and poet. I know him as some stupid, British junkie who dated Kate Moss. He might still date her. Did he father her baby? I can’t recall. He’s a chump, though. Bright, white, pasty chump.

Let me stop right here: I have nothing against the Brits for embracing this talentless hack as a celebrity. If I must confess, I’m rooting for Britney to make a kick-ass comeback at the VMAs. I’m not about to judge the concept of celebrity, but I must be very clear about something:

I will never go to England again if this bastard isn’t put away for getting his cat high on crack.

That’s right. Pete Doherty “allegedly” gets his cat high. On crack. And by “allegedly,” I mean that the picture looks pretty clear. If you read the article, you’ll also note that his cat isn’t fixed and had five kittens earlier in 2007. Could this guy be more irresponsible?

I have so many questions about the story itself.

  • Is this the 21st century?
  • Does Pete Doherty live in England or in Atlanta?
  • Must I fly across the pond and kick this guy’s ass myself?!

Read the stories for yourself. I’m not making this up.

On a brighter note, go see my kittens. I don’t get them high. I swear.

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