Petite, Powerful Women


The most common thing that people say to me when they meet me?

“I thought you would be taller.”

I am only five feet tall. I don’t think of myself as short because I don’t think of myself as anything other than awesome. Apparently, I’m the only one who isn’t surprised by my height. I’m lucky that my personality makes up for my very petite frame, but I don’t see myself at a disadvantage. Amazing people of all shapes and sizes love me. Tall, clumsy people fear me.

Everything works out for Laurie.

But some people make assumptions about petite women. Weak. Fragile. Dainty. This is why I work out and try to build my strength and endurance. I want to put a mouthy guy on his ass. I might need to outrun a rapist. This is also why I believe in my second amendment rights. (But not yours.)

I was just talking to a man about powerful women and how they are very often petite. The official definition is under 5’4″. He challenged me to name a few and my mind drew a blank. So here’s my second attempt at making a list.

I am laughing because this list also sucks. Beyond celebrities, who am I forgetting?

It’s tough to search for prominent people who have serious careers (think female business leaders and senators) and get an accurate height. For example, I googled Indra Nooyi and found one source that quoted her as 5’3″ and another at 5’5″. And I really thought Hillary Clinton was petite but she is 5’7″. Maybe.

But  still think petite women are powerful and have a legacy in this country.

I stand by that!

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