Presidential Succession Planning: Biden


Dudz, I know the world of Joe Biden. I’m a big of a bloviator, I like to talk, and I say the dumbest things at the worst moments. I can’t stay on message because the only message I’m concerned about is my own.

In that way, Biden is my kind of guy. He is pro-labor, has a commitment to diversity (& demonstrates it by hiring a diverse Senate staff), and doesn’t know when to shut the hell up. He absolutely nailed Giuliani with the noun, verb & 9/11 comment. Unfortunately, when Joe Biden called Barack Obama clean & articulate, I wanted to just roll over and die. When he talked about the owners of Dunkin Donuts being Indian American, I thought, “Get it under control, dude.”

I was talking to myself.

Now I’m anxious to see who McCain taps at this point. Any guesses?

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