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Here’s a note from Allison in multiple parts.

What happens when you have a boss who tell you you will be getting health insurance, then tells you he never said it and you are advised by other employees to not ask again or you’ll be terminated?

Allison, your boss can’t promise you health insurance. Based on the terms and conditions of the plan, you either qualify or you don’t. Sounds like your boss didn’t know what he was talking about.

Also, what happens when said employer will not allow you time off to get a root canal and you are working in pain and you just have to suck it up and you cant go to the ER because, well, see first issue – no health insurance! bascially , my job was threatened and I had to suck it up because I needed the job and my dentists hours conflicted with my work hours.


Are you asking me if your boss acted illegally? There are medical emergencies that are covered under FMLA, but let’s stop talking about your boss and all that drama. Let’s talk about you.

There are low-cost dental clinics at local community colleges. I have a friend who left her job in Human Resources to pursue a career as a dental hygienist. She recruits patients for her clinic, too. Go visit Google and find one of those clinics. Your teeth are so important. You need to fix this issue.

The I got terminated for being late for a cracked tooth. I was in agony. so, I worked there for 2 years. I never got my health insurance or time off to take care of things like a busted tooth or to move. Suggestions? I just want to make sure I get my unemploymnet as i support myself.

You were terminated for a cracked tooth and being late? You want to know if you qualify for unemployment? Well, there’s no harm in applying. I have no idea if you will qualify. You need to look at your state requirements.

I will say this much: I understand why you feel cheated and mistreated. You’re in an unfortunate situation. I believe that living life well is the best revenge.

  • Don’t look back on this employer and wonder if you can sue him for firing you.
  • Move forward.
  • File for unemployment, update your LinkedIn profile, and create an account on Monster.

Allison, you need to find a basic job — any job — that pays more than unemployment. You can’t support yourself on $300/week. This is why I really advocate having an emergency fund so you can take care of your teeth, buy private insurance if your employer doesn’t offer coverage, or leave a shitty job before it starts impacting your health.

[Any other thoughts out there?]

Good luck and keep us posted on your dental issues!

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