Professional Haircuts for Men


Back in the day, I used to have a life. Here is a Human Resources question from a boy I used to date.

Professional Advice Needed!

Is a buzz cut unprofessional? By buzz cut I really mean about an inch. I’ve been considering going back to this. My wife says it might be inappropriate for middle management.

Listen, I know how difficult it is to rock a corporate haircut. I had the ‘HR lady blonde bob’ for about five years. Just recently, I’ve been working on deconstructing the bob. That means cutting into the structure of my hair and letting it grow differently. The end result will look awesome—great length, longer waves, etc. Right now, I need a hat and a gift certificate to Claire’s Boutique to pin this shit out of my face.

But you? You have a real job. And you need a big boy haircut. And so do the rest of you guys out there. And no long hair, either. You’re not a hippie or a playboy.

So I’m sorry to say that super-short hair is not appropriate for the office. And let’s face it — the days of playing drums in Big Urban Jesus, your awesome goth-ska-punk band, are over. (Or was it Big Urban Messiah?)

One more thing: always listen to your wife, yo! All of you!

That’s the best HR advice I can give.


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