Psychology of Work


The Organizational Psychologists who read my blog are always so frustrated with me. That’s why I am asking you to weigh in and address these issues.

Please tell me: Is psychology a science? Does psychology have a role at work? Is it appropriate to use psychological information and data in the office to engineer a more efficient work environment?

You know how I feel, right? Psychology is a ‘soft science’ and may have some applications in the real world; however, it’s unfair and unethical to use subjective, pseudo-scientific principles in a decision-making process. Furthermore, it’s total bullshit to apply psychological constructs to the hiring process. Companies use psychology in such a way to make workers feel guilty for getting paid. Like they’re doing you a favor by a) hiring you and b) allowing you to participate in furthering their mission, vision, and values.

It makes me want to vomit.

You have knowledge, skills, and abilities and you are compensated for your efforts and hassles with money. Cash. Dollars. Sometimes you work with a great team of people, and sometimes your co-workers are assholes. If work were meant to be fun, you would be paid in puppy dog kisses and chocolate. Work is work, and you do it for a variety of reasons — none of which are your company’s business.

Keep soft science out of the workforce. I will bring my best to the job, and you can fire me if I don’t.

Now what do you think?

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