Public Speaking & #SMASEA


There are some people who love public speaking. Those people are fools. I hate it.

Right before I get on stage, I am wholly convinced that I am ugly and that no one believes a word I have to say.

That’s true.

Then I get on stage and figure, fk it, I’m already here. Might as well go down in flames.

So far, so good.


I’ll be in Seattle on Thursday speaking at the 6th Annual SMA Staffing Symposium. I’m speaking to a bunch of HR peeps about making money, being a winner, and owning the market.

I’m pretty sure that I will suck — but if things turn out okay, I’ll let you know.

Any advice for me on speaking? Anything you do to calm down besides alcohol and xanax? The real question is this: should I get myself some fake eyelashes at MAC to calm my fears?

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