Punk Rock HR Question 23: Glossing Over Misogyny


Dear Laurie,

I’m looking for a new job. Previously when looking for a new job I genuinely needed a change or had been laid off and no one could blame me for the truth so that’s what I went with.

Not this time. I want to leave my current job because the COO who was brought on last year is a misogynist asshole and is slowly, or not so slowly, alienating everyone except the owner of the company to whom the COO spends much of his time brown nosing. Also I was just given a raise equal to less than 1% of my current pay that I (and my apparently powerless supervisor and everyone who works with me) considers a slap in the face.

So, what can a candidate say that translates to “my boss is a Neanderthal” but makes her appear sane and diplomatic?

Thanks a mil,
Admin Girl


Dear Admin Girl,

I have great sympathy for your predicament, but I would advise you to keep your personal opinions to yo’self. Resist the temptation to implicitly or explicitly talk about your COO during an interview with a prospective employer.

Interviewing is a game, and companies are wary of hiring amateurs who don’t know how to play. We really hate candidates who show up and trash-talk their former employers (even in a subtle way). We roll our eyes and wonder why an otherwise awesome candidate wouldn

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